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Stowe house lions
WMF Britain
Breathing new life into extraordinary buildings
Skills training in Yemen
Skills training in Yemen
Grant announced for conservation skills training, post-conflict planning and physical restoration in Taiz.
Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station
The Rise, Fall and Rise of Battersea Power Station
Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar
Protecting the legacy of Zanzibar’s past and building a successful future.
Newstead Abbey great hall
Newstead Abbey
The ancestral home of Lord Byron urgently needs your help.
  • Stowe house lions
  • Skills training in Yemen
  • Battersea Power Station
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
  • Newstead Abbey great hall

Standing up for historic buildings, sites and monuments

A conservator repaints the shield at Knill's Monument in St Ives

A conservator repaints the shield at Knill’s Monument in St Ives

For the past 20 years WMF Britain has helped to conserve exceptional works of architecture and monuments, supporting partners and local communities to ensure that endangered sites in their care have a long term future


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VIRTUAL EVENT: The battle to save Grimsby’s Historic Kasbah and what happened next

Jul 162020 5PM (BST)
Join SAVE Britain’s Heritage and World Monuments Fund Britain for a special live event, delving into the past, present and future of Grimsby’s historic Docks. Henrietta Billings, Director of SAVE and John Darlington, Executive Director of WMFB will reflect on the hard fought battle to save the docks from demolition, following its inclusion on the 2014 World Monuments Watch, and the subsequent creation of the new ‘Kasbah’ conservation area.

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Featured project

Bennerley Viaduct

Bennerley Viaduct was built in 1877 to carry a new railroad line across the Erewash River. Spanning the valley was a necessity for the new line, but the structure needed to be lightweight in order to prevent underground mining tunnels from collapsing from the weight. This engineering challenge was met through the use of wrought…

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