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  • How you can help: Stonemasonry Training in Mafraq

    The objective of Phase 2 of our project in Mafraq is to build upon the foundation of the pilot project, extending and refining skills learnt with greater emphasis on conservation, and taking students to the next level of ability. A small cadre of 20 of the most talented students, both Jordanian and Syrian will be…

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  • Anabelle Gambert-Jouan: WMFB’s 2018 Yale Scholar on her experiences at Strata Florida

    My summer of research at the medieval abbey of Strata Florida taught me how closely this fascinating Cistercian monument is connected to its surrounding landscape (the Welsh place name “Ystrad Fflur” roughly translates to “Vale of Flowers”). Fortunately, the Strata Florida Project, which is shaping the abbey’s future with the help of WMF Britain, aims…

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  • Public talk

    Sep 102018 7PM
    2018 Watch – Global Spotlight, Local Action

    This year 25 sites were selected representing a wide variety of challenges ranging from human conflict and urbanization to natural disaster and climate change. From ancient sites to works of the 20th century, from rural settings to bustling urban centers, the 2018 Watch sites present timely opportunities for conservation, community engagement, and sustainable development. We’ll… See full Event

  • Colin Amery, 1944 – 2018

    The staff and trustees of World Monuments Fund Britain were deeply saddened to hear the news of Colin Amery’s death after a long illness. Colin was WMFBs founding Director, helping to set up the charity in 1995, where he stayed until 2007. An outstanding architectural historian, Colin was a champion of the highest standards of…

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  • John Julius Norwich, 1929 – 2018

    It is with great sadness that I report to you the death of John Julius Cooper, Viscount Norwich, who passed away in London on Friday 1st June aged 88. John Julius was deeply connected to both WMF and WMF Britain.  He was an Honorary Chairman of the WMF and Chair of WMFB from its inception…

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  • Blackpool Piers

    Blackpool is unique amongst seaside resorts in Britain. It wasn’t the earliest resort or even the first resort for working class holidaymakers but it nonetheless grew to dwarf every other seaside resort in the country in size and the range of entertainments on offer. It’s the only seaside resort in the country with three piers…

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  • Stonemasonry Training in Mafraq, Jordan

    Completed and assembled mouldings

    In recent years the world has witnessed the devastating impacts of human conflict on the Syrian people and their treasured cultural sites. World Monuments Fund has launched a new initiative, a Jordan-based heritage conservation training program for Syrian refugees and Jordanians in Mafraq, Jordan. WMF has been committed to protecting and conserving heritage in conflict zones and strengthening communities around sustainable commitments to heritage for decades. This training programme is made possible thanks to the support of the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund and Petra National Trust in Jordan.

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