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Tag: Sarah Meaker

  • Bennerley Viaduct

    Bennerley Viaduct was built in 1877 to carry a new railroad line across the Erewash River. Spanning the valley was a necessity for the new line, but the structure needed to be lightweight in order to prevent underground mining tunnels from collapsing from the weight. This engineering challenge was met through the use of wrought…

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  • A Statement on Iran’s Cultural Heritage

    World Monuments Fund considers any threat to cultural heritage sites – in Iran or any other country – to be absolutely unacceptable. From Syria to Afghanistan, Mali to Yemen, we have all witnessed far too many intentional acts of destruction of irreplaceable treasures over the last decades. In each case we have seen how the…

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  • Sea Change: Blackpool’s exposed piers act as canaries to climate change

    Blackpool’s piers stand exposed and look perilously fragile as the North Sea waves crash again and again against the Victorian structure. An appropriate reminder of the very immediate threat climate change poses to some of our most valuable coastal heritage that is quite literally falling into the sea. World Monuments Fund, which featured the piers…

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  • Peter Stormonth Darling 1932 – 2019

    The staff and trustees of World Monuments Fund Britain were deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of Peter Stormonth Darling. Peter was a long-serving Board member for World Monuments Fund Britain, joining in 1998, and becoming Chair of the charity from 2007 to 2009. He also served on the Board of World…

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  • Laocoön returns to Stowe

    The first room I ever entered at Stowe House was the North Hall in June 2008. It was busy: students, parents, teachers racing through this tired and unnoticed thoroughfare. Whilst we politely waited there to be guided through the piano nobile you could just see glimpses of a coffered dome and scagliola columns – The…

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  • Party

    Sep 192019 7PM
    World Monuments Fund Britain Summer Cocktail Party

    This relaxed event will be an opportunity for you to meet with other WMF Britain supporters and friends. We will also be joined by Adam Lowe from Factum Arte, a company at the cutting-edge of art and cultural heritage reproduction.  WMF Britain's Executive Director, John Darlington will also be briefly reviewing the past year at WMF… See full Event

  • Symposium

    Sep 72019 9.30AM
    Culture Under Attack Symposium

    World Monuments Fund Britain is working in partnership with Historic England and the Imperial War Museum on What Remains, an exhibition which explores why cultural heritage is attacked during war and the ways in which people save, protect and restore what is targeted. The exhibition features a stone carved by one of our Syrian stonemasonry… See full Event