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  • Archived Study Day Archived

    Apr 32017
    Explore Charlton House: Study Afternoon

    Over the last year we have slowly been introducing WMFB Supporters to Charlton House, one of the finest Jacobean Houses in South East England. Some people are aware of this property, which is located in Greenwich, but a large number are not, which is a shame. It is a fascinating building, which sits between Tudor architectural traditions and the later innovations of Inigo Jones, and is blessed with some particularly fine plaster and stonework decoration. So, we have planned an afternoon tour of the property, led by myself from WMFB and Tracy Stringfellow and Edward Schofield, from the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust, followed by afternoon tea. See full Event

  • A small charity supporting British icons

    You may not have heard of WMFB, but I can guarantee you have heard of many of the places that we have helped. WMFB is a small charity, connected to a big one – World Monuments Fund in New York. Together we have carried out over 600 initiatives in 100 countries across the globe.  Here…

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  • Heritage that unites…

    The exterior of the cathedral was cleaned thoroughly with lime water

    It’s a tough time for heritage.  In December 2016 ISIL recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra, taking advantage of Syrian and Russian concentration on Aleppo, another ancient and now ruined city. Eighteen months ago, a plume of smoke rising above the Temple of Bel in Palmyra marked the destruction of 2,000 years of history and…

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  • Trading stories, past and present

    The Silk Road – the great East-West trading corridor made up of multiple threaded highways of mountain trails, caravan tracks and sea routes – linked goods, people and ideas from China to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s origins can be found in the 2nd Century BC, but the ancient towns, monuments and temples that…

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