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  • Stonemasonry Training in Ta’izz, Yemen

    Old City Ta'izz

    Ta’izz, the former capital, is the third largest city in Yemen. Picturesquely situated at the northern foot of Mount Ṣubr, the walled city grew to prominence in the eleventh century. The city reached its golden age as the capital of the Rasulid dynasty, which ran from 1229 to 1454. The Rasulid built lavish palaces, mosques, and madrassas in…

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  • Stonemasonry Training in Tripoli, Lebanon

    World Monuments Fund has been committed to protecting and conserving heritage in conflict zones and strengthening communities around sustainable commitments to heritage for decades. In recent years, the world has witnessed the devastating impacts of human conflict on the Syrian people and their treasured cultural sites. After the success of the ‘Building Conservation Capacity in…

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  • Moseley Road Baths

    The Gala Pool was closed in 2003

    Moseley Road Baths is a neglected Edwardian time capsule at risk of closure – the oldest of only three Grade II* listed swimming pools still in use in the UK and an exceptional example of early twentieth century public architecture.

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  • Strata Florida

    Strata Florida is World Monuments Fund Britain’s first project in Wales. A partnership with the Strata Florida Trust was announced in October 2016, championing this extraordinary Cistercian monastery in Ceredigion. Known to date from the 12th century, but constructed on an ancient site of regional Iron Age and Celtic importance, Strata Florida Abbey has great significance…

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  • Newstead Abbey

    Newstead Abbey is best known today as the ancestral home of Lord Byron (1788–1824). The original Newstead Abbey was founded by Henry II as an Augustinian priory in the twelfth century.

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  • Bennerley Viaduct

    Bennerley Viaduct

    Bennerley Viaduct was built in 1877 to carry a new railroad line across the Erewash River. Spanning the valley was a necessity for the new line, but the structure needed to be lightweight in order to prevent underground mining tunnels from collapsing from the weight. This engineering challenge was met through the use of wrought…

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  • Reproduction of Strawberry Hill’s Masterpieces

    Horace Walpole’s Gothic castle at Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, was once filled with the author’s great collection of paintings and artefacts. Most of these were sold in 1842, and with their departure Strawberry Hill lost something of its special character. While it is impossible to permanently restore Walpole’s collection to Strawberry Hill, the Trust has been working…

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  • Cultural Protection in Amedi, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

    In June 2018 we were awarded a £100,000 grant from the Cultural Protection Fund of the British Council for £100,000 ($140,000) toward our proposal to build community capacity and management frameworks for the protection of Amedi, a 2016 Watch Site, in Iraqi Kurdistan. Located in the mountainous north of Iraq, Amedi’s ancient citadel is dramatically…

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