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  • 2014 Watch Day – Battersea Power Station

    Watch Day was celebrated at Battersea Power Station in September 2014. The main activity for the day was an architectural walking tour of sites around the complex, led by knowledgeable guides. Discussion of waterfront issues, such as riverside development, culminated in a talk on the challenges facing this London landmark.

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  • Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon (Trailer)

    "Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon" tells the story of London’s Battersea power station, its historic and cultural significance, its present-day position at the heart of one of the largest redevelopment projects in London, and the debates that have risen from that position. The documentary film was created by Spectacle Productions Ltd. with support from American Express through World Monuments Fund.

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  • Conservation Project – Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire

    The Rose Garden

    The sixteenth-century Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire was built by Lawrence Washington, a direct ancestor of George Washington. Today, the complex is used for educational programs about the manor’s history and agricultural environment. The site is a lasting symbol of Anglo-American peace and friendship. Following inclusion on the 2014 World Monuments Watch and an award from American Express, WMF helped support the re-thatching of two historic buildings on the property, making them more accessible for use as an integrated part of the visiting experience and laying the foundation for future restoration works at the site.

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  • 2016 Watch – Let’s Keep Swimming at Moseley Road Baths

    Moseley Road Baths, an Edwardian swimming hall, is at risk of being closed due to cutbacks in government spending by the Birmingham City Council. Local advocates, led by the Friends of Moseley Road Baths, have been working since 2006 to keep the baths open and make the case for their social, historical, and architectural significance. A Watch Day in October 2016 attracted over 300 visitors of all ages who enjoyed a day filled with activities celebrating 109 years of Moseley Road Baths. In this video, co-produced by World Monuments Fund with the support of American Express, users of the historic baths share their experiences and emphasize the importance of the historic site for the diverse urban community it serves.

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