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In the last fifty years World Monuments Fund has supported over 700 important historic sites in over 100 counties around the world. As a member you’ll become part of our international community of advocates who protect our cultural heritage, preserving them for future generations.

Since 1995, WMF Britain has completed projects at over 40 UK sites and established partnerships with many more on the World Monuments Watch to provide on-site conservation, educational resources, training, and advocacy. In recent years, WMFB has worked more frequently outside of the UK and, thanks to the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, has carried out projects in Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen, supporting heritage projects within communities impacted by conflict.

As a UK registered charity, WMFB relies on a network of supporters who understand the value of our historic environment and the positive impact heritage can have on communities both locally and further afield.

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Government House, Antigua

Government House, Antigua and Barbuda

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Stonemasonry Training, Jordan

Stonemasonry Training, Jordan

WMF Britain’s 25-year track record illustrates a wide range of successful conservation projects in the UK and further afield, complemented by meaningful engagement with local communities and global supporters.

Your support directly underpins every aspect of our work. From onsite conservation to advocacy, education, training and outreach work, every pound we receive contributes to protecting built heritage for future generations.

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Legacy Giving

WMF Britain was founded as a result of a major legacy from one of American’s most enlightened benefactors, Paul Mellon (1907-1999). He saw the great benefits of preserving the architectural heritage of Great Britain and the role of WMF Britain in using its skills to make it happen. Since then WMFB has accomplished a great deal, but there is still much to do.

Legacies offer the opportunity to make a lasting contribution with no immediate financial outlay. As they are exempt from inheritance tax they can also be a tax effective way to give.

If you have already included WMFB in your will or are thinking about it and would like more information, please let us know. We can discuss it with you, offer advice or ensure that you are acknowledged in a way which is most appropriate to your interests.

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Carvings at Newstead Abbey

Carvings at Newstead Abbey