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Stowe house lions
WMF Britain
Breathing new life into extraordinary buildings
Skills training in Yemen
Skills training in Yemen
Grant announced for conservation skills training, post-conflict planning and physical restoration in Taiz.
Battersea Power Station
Battersea Power Station
The Rise, Fall and Rise of Battersea Power Station
Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
Christ Church Cathedral in Zanzibar
Protecting the legacy of Zanzibar’s past and building a successful future.
Newstead Abbey great hall
Newstead Abbey
The ancestral home of Lord Byron urgently needs your help.
  • Stowe house lions
  • Skills training in Yemen
  • Battersea Power Station
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar
  • Newstead Abbey great hall

Standing up for historic buildings, sites and monuments

A conservator repaints the shield at Knill's Monument in St Ives

A conservator repaints the shield at Knill’s Monument in St Ives

For the past 20 years WMF Britain has helped to conserve exceptional works of architecture and monuments, supporting partners and local communities to ensure that endangered sites in their care have a long term future


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New funding announced for WMF Britain from the British Council for projects in Yemen and Lebanon

World Monuments Fund Britain has been awarded £665k by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund for projects in Yemen and Lebanon. Both projects are a continuation of programmes of work carried out by WMF supporting countries affected by conflict. We are delighted that the British Council has continued to support our important work in these…

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Strata Florida

Strata Florida is WMF Britain’s first project in Wales. A partnership with the Strata Florida Trust was announced in October 2016, championing this extraordinary Cistercian monastery in Ceredigion. Known to date from the 12th century, but constructed on an ancient site of regional Iron Age and Celtic importance, Strata Florida Abbey has great significance as a place…

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