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  • Stowe North Hall: A Step Closer to Completion

    Stowe House Exterior

    Completion of the restoration of Stowe Houseā€™s North Hall, largely funded by WorldĀ MonumentsĀ Fund, came a step closer this summer with the installation of a statue of Mercury opposite the imposing Laocoƶn group installed last year.Ā  Restoration of the Hall started in 2015 with conservation and cleaning of William Kentā€™s magnificent gildedĀ ceilingĀ portrayingĀ Viscount Cobham amid military splendour.Ā This…

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  • Archived Public talk Virtual Talk Archived

    Apr 222021
    Bennerley Viaduct: Building Community Well-being Through Restoration

    Built in 1877 to carry an importantĀ railway lineĀ acrossĀ ErewashĀ ValleyĀ inĀ Nottinghamshire, Bennerley Viaduct is one of the two last remainingĀ wrought-iron viaducts in England.Ā Although the structure has beenĀ out of use since 1968, efforts to demolish it have failed, facing local resistance and objection. Today, a group ofĀ local volunteers, supported by the site owners, areĀ aimingĀ to reconnect theĀ communities on either sideĀ of… See full Event

  • This summer come and discover Strata Florida’s Archaeology Field School

    The Strata Florida Archaeology Field School will open its trenches from 21st August – 16th September at the 12th century Strata Florida Abbey (Abaty Ystrad Fleur), a captivating, evocative and internationally significant site in Pontrhydfendigaid (known locally as Bont) in Ceredigion, Mid- Wales. Strata Florida is affectionately known as the Westminster Abbey of Wales. Come…

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  • Public talk Virtual Talk

    Jun 12021 5pm
    Retaining the Spirit of Place in Post-conflict Communities: Lessons from Iraq and Libya

    What does the future hold for Middle Eastā€™s and North Africaā€™s historic towns and cities? Conflict over the last 20 years, and particularly following the 2011 uprisings, these towns have suffered significant damage. At the same time, others that are undergoing large scale urban re-development are at risk of making similar errors to those made… See full Event

  • Sheerness Dockyard

    Sheerness Dockyard was meticulously designed and constructed in a single phase, completed in 1815. Its late-eighteenth-century Georgian-style docks, boathouse, and complementary structures were conceived as an entire landscape.

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  • Heritage that unitesā€¦

    The exterior of the cathedral was cleaned thoroughly with lime water

    It’s a tough time for heritage.Ā  In December 2016 ISIL recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra, taking advantage of Syrian and Russian concentration on Aleppo, another ancient and now ruined city. Eighteen months ago, a plume of smoke rising above the Temple of Bel in Palmyra marked the destruction of 2,000 years of history and…

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