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Cultural Protection in Amedi, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


Cultural Protection Fund

In June 2018 we were awarded a £100,000 grant from the Cultural Protection Fund of the British Council for £100,000 ($140,000) toward our proposal to build community capacity and management frameworks for the protection of Amedi, a 2016 Watch Site, in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Located in the mountainous north of Iraq, Amedi’s ancient citadel is dramatically perched on top of a steep promontory.  Archaeological remains, an elaborate medieval city gate, historic buildings, local construction techniques and distinctive community traditions are the cultural hallmarks of this important historic town.

Pressure of re-development

The physical, social and economic well-being of Amedi has been threatened by the extended period of conflict in the region.  As the region stabilizes, pressure for redevelopment and regeneration will increase and short-term gain will be at the expense of long-term protection, potentially eroding the distinctive heritage of this outstanding place, which is its strongest asset.

The basis for our project is to develop a masterplan for the city with the local communities, municipal authorities and Iraqi government, which will form a model for heritage conservation for other small historic towns in the region. In addition, we will train local authority staff in the delivery and implementation of masterplans.

Mapping heritage assets

The third workshop of six was held in Amedi in February 2019, where staff from Amedi municipality and other local towns (Yezidi and Christian as well as Muslim), joined with students and post-graduates from Duhock University and experts from Iraq, the UK, the US and Lebanon to continue mapping Amedi’s heritage assets.