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Reproduction of Strawberry Hill’s Masterpieces


Working with world leaders in reproduction

Horace Walpole’s Gothic castle at Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, was once filled with the author’s great collection of paintings and artefacts. Most of these were sold in 1842, and with their departure Strawberry Hill lost something of its special character. While it is impossible to permanently restore Walpole’s collection to Strawberry Hill, the Trust has been working with Factum Arte to produce accurate replicas of the principal paintings and artefacts that will serve something of the same purpose. Factum Arte are world leaders in reproductions that are accurate to within a micron, including the frames.     


WMF Britain has supported the reproduction of two paintings by Joshua Reynolds, including the exhibition highlight, ‘Three Ladies Waldegrave’ and ‘Out of town party’. The painting, which was commissioned by Horace Walpole, the great-uncle of Elizabeth Laura, Charlotte Maria, and Anne Horatia Waldegrave, the three sitters depicted in the work. After the 1842 sale, it entered the collection of the Scottish National Gallery in 1952. Out of Town is currently being scanned in Bristol Museum.


A complex process with outstanding results

Factum Foundation consistently pioneers new methods for recording the true surface of all types of objects as a way to deepen the appreciation and understanding of complex artworks. In this case, both 3D laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry were used to obtain detailed surface relief information, with the aim of combining the advantages each method: close correspondence to the original relief and speed in the capture process respectively.

After capturing the colour, shape and surface of The Ladies Waldegrave in Edinburgh, the next phase involved processing the data obtained with different software applications at Factum Foundation’s workshops in Madrid.

The Three Ladies reproduction has now been completed and is hanging in the Great Parlour. To find out about visiting Strawberry Hill go to