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St Paul’s Cathedral


Oculus: An Eye into St Paul's

In 2010 Oculus: An Eye into St Paul’s opened in the crypts of St Paul’s Cathedral. The visitor centre was the first project of its kind in a cathedral, and was created with substantial support from WMF and American Express.

The scheme won an Exhibition Design Award at the 2011 Design Week Awards.

The former treasury in the crypt was developed into a visual arena where visitors are invited to discover the 1400 year history of St Paul’s as The Nation’s Church.


A 270° experience


Images are projected directly onto the walls – at times a single picture and at others an impressive 270° projection filling the field of view. Ambient sound as required is directional so as not to leak into the crypt, where Nelson’s tomb is located. Oculus is included within the admission charge for all visitors to the cathedral.

A timeline has been installed in the north aisle to introduce the projections. It puts the long span of the site’s history into national and international context.