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Technical Case Study: The installation of the chandelier


Lighting St Geoge's

In September 2009 WMF was able to proceed with its ambitious plan to improve the lighting at St. George’s Bloomsbury.

The centrepiece of this scheme was a recently conserved late seventeenth century chandelier out of storage for the first time since 1999 and generously loaned to the church by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The project resulted in this remarkable chandelier being accessible to the public again – for the majority of the twentieth century the chandelier was hung in the Grand Entrance of the Victoria and Albert Museum but it has remained in storage for the past 10 years.

A new home


It weighs approximately 740Kgs, is approximately 2.8m tall and 2.6m wide at its widest point.

Before it was acquired by the V&A it hung in the Catholic Church in the small but reasonably prosperous town of Kaatsheuvel in North Brabant, the Netherlands. With its two meter long core and thirty-six scrolling branches it represents the full flowering of the ornate and flamboyant chandeliers produced in north western Europe between 1680 and 1730. This is a rare surviving example of high quality.

Angus Patterson, Curator of European Base Metals and Arms and Armour, V&A

Specialist conservation

In order to prepare for the chandelier’s use WMF has funded specialist conservation work by Royal Warrant holder Wilkinson Plc who ensured that it was in top condition for the next hundred years.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Paul Mellon Estate for generously supporting this project.