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  • Support Newstead Abbey

    The aim of the project is to repair and conserve the iconic west front of the abbey, and reinstate public access to a newly stabilised structure.  This important centrepiece of the whole historic complex, was the focus for medieval decoration and, later, the inspiration for Lord Byron.  Restoration of the west front will increase day-to-day use…

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  • Deptford Dockyard & Sayes Court Garden

    Situated along the river Thames in East London, Deptford Dockyard and Sayes Court Garden are steeped in history. Founded in 1513 by Henry VIII, Deptford Dockyard was a significant naval center for close to four centuries, where ships were built, maintained, and launched across the world. Explorers Drake and Raleigh set out from Deptford; James…

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  • Sulgrave Manor

    Nestled in rolling fields and surrounded by gardens, orchards, and lawns, Sulgrave Manor is located in a small village in Northamptonshire. The manor house was built in the sixteenth century by Lawrence Washington, a direct ancestor of George Washington. The Washington family occupied the property until 1659, when they immigrated to America. Built in the…

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  • St Vincent Street Church

    St Vincent Street Church is the sole survivor of three churches designed for the city of Glasgow by the influential and renowned Scottish architect Alexander Thomson. Commissioned in 1856 and dedicated in 1859, Thomson designed the church in an almost abstract form of classicism following Greek models. Designed as a temple, the rectangular-plan building displays…

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  • Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church

    On the edge of inner-city Belfast, Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church serves as a sober reminder of the city's architectural legacy and its troubled past. Designed in the Gothic Revival style by noted architect W. H. Lynn and completed in 1875, the church was home to one of the largest Methodist congregations in Belfast. The sandstone…

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    Apr 262016
    Clumps & Concrete: 300 years of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown

    For a nation renowned for its love of gardening, Lancelot 'Capability' Brown is one of our greatest exports. The English landscape garden, epitomised by places such as Stowe or Blenheim Palace, are achievements on world scale. In this, the 300th year of Brown's birth, Oliver Cox explained how these beautiful garden landscapes were created and… See full Event