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A past event

Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments

Archived Virtual Talk
Oct 212020 6pm BST

Join us on Wednesday 21st October at 6pm (BST) for an online book launch featuring World Monument Fund Britain’s Executive Director John Darlington’s Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments, an inside look at questions of historical authenticity and ethics behind cultural heritage. The event will take you on an international journey, with fake heritage stories from around the world, followed by a conversation with John and journalist/ broadcaster, Sir Simon Jenkins exploring the issues surrounding heritage reconstruction. After the talks there will be an opportunity to ask John questions in a live Q&A.

Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments?

Have you ever wondered what happens when we reproduce monuments or heritage sites? From the 50 replica Eiffel Towers located around the world to Saddam Hussein’s reconstructions of ancient sites, examples of falsified heritage are widespread. Some are easy to dismiss as blatant frauds such as Piltdown Man while others such as The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee were copied in homage to the original. This compelling book examines replicated historic buildings, faux archaeological sites and other false artefacts, to explore the ethics and consequences of reconstructing the past, alongside the political and social issues involved with the faithful and legitimate recreations of ancient landmarks and heritage sites.

Exploring questions of historical authenticity, the book seeks to uncover the lessons we can learn when history is utilised to tell an untrue story. Illustrated with captivating images, this book emphasises how the issue of duplicating heritage is both intriguing and incredibly complex, especially in the twenty first century. As technology continues to develop, so too does do our chances of being deceived.

Date: Wednesday 21st October 2020

Time: 6pm BST (1pm EST)

Location: Virtual Event

This event is free and open to the public with RSVP.

Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments is published by Yale University Press and will be available to purchase from October 13th 2020