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Jordan Stonemasonry Training Receives Further Funding


Grant extension recieved from British Council

WMF Britain has been successful in our application for a £280,000 grant extension from the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, which will take our 20 top stonemasonry students and train them to the next level – in effect establishing a cadre of highly skilled practitioners with the capability of either becoming trainers themselves or of forming atelier groups as commercially viable conservation stone-masons. Phase 2 has commenced, with the main activity taking place from May to December 2019.

A student working in the stonemasonry training centre in Mafraq

A student working in the stonemasonry training centre in Mafraq


Building on phase one

Master mason,Tony Steel and stonemasonry trainee

Master mason,Tony Steel and stonemasonry trainee

Our project addresses the economic and cultural impact of conflict in the region. By investing in skill development, the aim is to revitalise the practice of stonemasonry and conservation in Jordan and Syria, and create a group of skilled Syrian artisans who can return to Syria to help rebuild their country when that time comes.

To achieve these goals, WMFB proposes to extend and expand the training model developed and tested during the Pilot Project in Mafraq. In phase one, students achieved a solid grounding in traditional stonemasonry skills. The objective of Phase 2 is to build upon this foundation, extending and refining skills learnt with greater emphasis on conservation, and taking students to the next level of ability.

Help us to deliver Phase Two

Core teaching subjects would continue to be masonry and the conservation of stone structures, but delivered at a higher level, enhancing the impressive skillset and introducing new techniques. In addition, we will introduce new modules on letter-carving and working with plaster and mortar in the context of stonemasonry, to broaden the students’ skills.

We are still seeking donations to fully fund phase two. Click here if you would like to support this project.

A student learns about geometry in the classroom

A student learns about geometry