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WMF Making the News

Henio on S4C, 18th November 2020, Strata Florida Exhibition Project 

Designboom, 2nd November 2020, Moseley Road Baths features in new “Accidently Wes Anderson” Book

Financial Times, 14th November 2020, “Tennessee’s Parthenon, China’s Eiffel Tower and other Heritage Fakes” 

The Evening Standard, 22nd October 2020, “Fake Heritage: Why We Rebuild Monuments by John Darlington Review”

The Spectator, 17th October 2020, “A Passion for Pastiche: China’s Potemkin Villages”

The Scarborough News, 9th October 2020, Castle Howard Receives Lifeline Grant from Government’s Lifeline 1.75bn Culture Recovery Fund

ITV News, 1st February 2017 “Month of action for Moseley Road Baths”

Apollo Magazine, 22nd September 2016 “What’s next for World Monuments Fund Britain”

The Guardian, 7th August 2016 “Demolition threat looms for great Victorian buildings from English fishing’s golden age “

The Guardian, 21st June 2016 “Church project to conserve tomb of Christ gets $1.3m boost”

Independent, 11th November 2015 “Palmyra will be flattened by Isis within six months, warns antiquities director”

The Guardian, 15th October 2015  “Birmingham baths and Yorkshire mansion on world’s ‘most at risk’ list”

Latest news

Stonemasonry Training Begins in Lebanon

World Monument Fund’s stonemasonry training programme has begun in Tripoli, Lebanon, where a new group of Syrian refugees and local Lebanese will be trained in the art of stonemasonry, learn about heritage preservation in their region, and be introduced to the basics of business planning. The training centre is located in Tripoli’s Lion Tower (Burj…

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News and comment

  • Soft Power and Heritage

    On 8th November 2017, Louvre Abu Dhabi finally opened its doors.  The culmination of over ten years of negotiation, planning and construction, and at a cost exceeding 1 Billion Euros, the new museum explores connections between cultures around the world.  It is another statement of global intent from the UAE and a smart move by…

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  • Architectural Historian Gavin Stamp dies aged 69

    We were deeply saddened by the news over Christmas of the loss of Dr Gavin Stamp, architectural historian and member of World Monuments Fund Britain’s architectural advisory panel.  Gavin was co-author of WMF’s book on the restoration of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s eccentric masterpiece, St George’s church in Bloomsbury, and a regular contributor to our events.  He…

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  • WMF Britain Awarded Grant to Train Syrian Refugees in Stonemasonry

    Syria is much in the news at the moment as the humanitarian tragedy of war continues to impact on everyday lives. To make matters worse the cultural heritage of the country is also caught in the cross-hairs of conflict, with fundamentalist groups deliberately targeting ancient sites that are valued both locally and across the world.…

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  • Wentworth Woodhouse Purchased for the Nation

    On 28th March 2017, we welcomed a wonderful piece of news: Wentworth Woodhouse, the Georgian palace near Rotherham in South Yorkshire, has been successfully purchased by The Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust and saved for the nation. World Monuments Fund has played its part, supporting the campaign by Save Britain’s Heritage (SAVE), who initiated the Trust,…

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  • A small charity supporting British icons

    You may not have heard of WMFB, but I can guarantee you have heard of many of the places that we have helped. WMFB is a small charity, connected to a big one – World Monuments Fund in New York. Together we have carried out over 600 initiatives in 100 countries across the globe.  Here…

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  • Heritage that unites…

    The exterior of the cathedral was cleaned thoroughly with lime water

    It’s a tough time for heritage.  In December 2016 ISIL recaptured the ancient city of Palmyra, taking advantage of Syrian and Russian concentration on Aleppo, another ancient and now ruined city. Eighteen months ago, a plume of smoke rising above the Temple of Bel in Palmyra marked the destruction of 2,000 years of history and…

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  • Trading stories, past and present

    The Silk Road – the great East-West trading corridor made up of multiple threaded highways of mountain trails, caravan tracks and sea routes – linked goods, people and ideas from China to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s origins can be found in the 2nd Century BC, but the ancient towns, monuments and temples that…

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  • The Rise, Fall and Rise of Battersea Power Station

    It seems fitting that Apple, the biggest brand on the planet, should announce that its new London headquarters will be Battersea, the world’s most iconic power station and the original ‘temple of power.’ The ambition to blend utility with beauty might apply to both icons, and would certainly describe architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s approach…

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