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For 55 years, World Monuments Fund has protected over 700 sites in over 100 countries. Stowe House, Strawberry Hill and St George’s Bloomsbury are just a few examples of buildings that have received support and we are now working on a number of projects around the world including Strata Florida, Moseley Road Baths and the Stonemasonry Training in Lebanon.

The one characteristic of all our projects is the outstanding benefit we make to the communities who own and use these threatened buildings. However we can’t do this alone – as a registered charity we receive no Government or statutory funding. We rely on the generosity of people like you to underpin the vital work we do.

Your donation will help to protect our irreplaceable heritage, inspire communities and allow these special places to be enjoyed by future generations.

Donate to Moseley Road Baths 

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Stonemasonry Training Jordan

Stonemasonry Training Jordan