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These are projects which are actively seeking funding

  • Charlton House

    In 2016 we supported the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust to undertake a first truly comprehensive survey of Charlton House in Greenwich. This important Jacobean mansion, one of the finest in South East England, is in need of help. Well-loved locally, but little known outside the borough, Charlton has some of the most magnificent Jacobean interior decorations… See how you can help

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  • Newstead Abbey

    The aim of the project is to repair and conserve the iconic west front of the abbey, and reinstate public access to a newly stabilised structure.  This important centrepiece of the whole historic complex, was the focus for medieval decoration and, later, the inspiration for Lord Byron.  Restoration of the west front will increase day-to-day use… See how you can help

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  • Stowe House

    World Monuments Fund has already made a big difference at Stowe, supporting the restoration of the Marble Saloon, the Library and other important rooms in the great piano nobile.  However, there is still important work to do.  In the North Hall, we have completed work on the magnificent ceiling by William Kent, but the rest… See how you can help

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