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Securing the Future of Exceptional Works of Architecture

Stewardship of the past for the future World Monuments Fund Britain is a UK charity dedicated to the conservation of exceptional works of architecture and monuments for people. It could be any type of building; a church or power station, sculpture or ancient rock carving, cultural landscape or historic garden, but it will be special.

Helping through action on the ground We work with partners and local communities to ensure that endangered sites in their care have a long term future. Our contribution may include funding, but is just as likely to be in the form of advice on conservation management, capacity-building, advocacy, or helping with educational or interpretative initiatives.


Generating awareness We champion special historic places through our campaigns, such as the World Monuments Watch global advocacy programme, raising awareness of the importance of conservation and the threats faced by sites here in the UK and across the world.

Sharing knowledge We put on events to highlight current heritage issues, wherever they may occur, and to showcase solutions. We will share our views where we think we can make a difference and those of like-minded organisations.

Part of a global family We are part of World Monuments Fund the leading international non-governmental organisation for the protection of cultural heritage. We are the largest affiliate of this New York-based charity, working closely together in our shared mission to save the world’s most treasured places.

Inspiring action We believe that heritage matters and want you to join us to make a difference

Three moai statues on Easter Island